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Tune-ups and maintenance

Just like even the healthiest person still needs a check-up with their doctor, even the best cared for car and the latest model vehicle need regular tune-ups from your mechanic. Hi-Tech Auto offers you maintenance that goes above and beyond simple oil changes into complete bumper to bumper services.

Our tune-up includes:

- Replacing the air filter

- Replacing the fuel filter

- Inspecting and replacing distributor cap

- Inspecting and replacing the rotor

- Inspecting the valve cover gasket

- Adjusting valves

- Checking and topping off all fluid

- Checking the battery, cleaning terminals

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We are dedicated to providing you with the very best in customer service. When we find warning signs of cracks, burning, or carbon build-up, we'll keep you informed of all your options and work with you to get your car repaired.

Our mechanics are the experts in all parts of your car's engine, your transmission, your brakes, your suspension, and more.

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